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John Bologna

Official for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games and the 2000 Goodwill Winter Games. Strength coach for the Winter and Summer Olympic Teams that represented the Untied States in Calgary and Seoul. Designed and implemented the strength and conditioning programs for athletes and coaches in each of the olympic sports during their training in Lake Placid.

Adjunct faculty member SUNY Brockport and Springfield College. Faculty member New York Medical College. Experience in fundraising, event planning, public relations and program development. Appearances on television, video, radio and in print media with regard to sports and fitness.

International luge official and member of the Luge Official's Hall of Fame. International Powerlifting Official. Meet director for the 1985 Women's National weightlifting Championships and the 2001 American Open Weightlifting Championships. US Weightlifting Federation Level 1 coach.

Experience in national and international athletics on both an administrative and competitive basis.

For additional information contact me at 518-373-3362. I look forward to the opportunity to be of service.